Wellness Gems from Dr. Pickens

Cosmetic Treatments in Bouniful, UtahHOW TO EXTEND QUALITY

No disrespect to miracle drugs, but a few health rules may offer your most powerful defense against disease.  A major study shows that people who avoid smoking, exercise 1/2 hour Daily, maintain a body mass index (BMI) of less than 30 (the cutoff point for obesity.)  (Divide your weight in pounds by your height in inches to get your own BMI.)  Those who eat a diet favoring fruits, vegetables, and whole grains cut their risk of developing diabetes, heart attack, stroke, or cancer by 78 percent.   Just 9 percent of the 23,000 people studied achieved all four goals, but if everyone followed these prescriptions, we could save billions in medical expenses–and untold misery.  (Extracted from Reader’s Digest November 2009)

Dr. Pickens Philosophy:  The Greek gave us the concept that symmetry is beauty.  Beauty is a complex idea.  The concept of beauty varies from country to country.  In the United States it is fairly consistent from Los Angeles to Miami.  My philosophy is to preserve the character of the individual when utilizing surgery to improve appearance.  Extreme measures in cosmetic surgery are not recommended.  A person who is over-weight and wants liposuction to cure the problem is unrealistic.  I supervise my patients in good nutrition, supplements, exercise, weight loss and every aspect of Wellness/Preventive Medicine to achieve the improvement in appearance they realistically desire.  Being the most attractive, healthy individual is a life-long adventure.  Many studies have shown that it is possible to increase self-esteem and confidence through cosmetic surgical change of deformities of the nose, breasts, thighs or abdomen.  There are non-surgical means of achieving greater beauty as well.  Surgery is not always the best answer.